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  • July 21, 2023
Project Description

Life itself is like a dance. It’s a constant movement, a constant flow of moments and experiences. We often dance in harmony with our inner self, but sometimes we also get out of step. In my posts I want to encourage you to look at life as a journey where we can learn different steps, overcome obstacles and create our own choreography.

In addition to my love of dancing, I am also interested in the philosophical aspects of life. I believe that by reflecting on existential questions and looking at life from different perspectives, we can grow and evolve. In my articles on www.tanzdasleben.de, I would like to offer philosophical suggestions that can stimulate reflection and open up new perspectives for you.

I cordially invite you to dance with me on www.tanzdasleben.de, celebrate life and exchange philosophical thoughts.

Let’s go on this wonderful journey together and dance our passion for life!

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