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Ms. Soheila Saberi is one of the most famous and professional professors in the country. After teaching introductory courses in Tehran, because of their love and interest in the field of hairdressing, they followed specialized and professional courses in centers and seminars abroad and with prominent academic professors.
Among them are Henry Zador, Vaja, nicknamed the father of Shinyon Jahan, Baba Vysky, Raslan Tatiani, Angelika, Sardar Kambaro, Anatoly, Nikolai, Nick Ivanov, teachers named Russia and Amre, Horia Bayram, Sibel Birjan, Adnan, Saleh… teachers named Turkey Ms. Shafaq, Hajiava, and Ayan, teachers in Azerbaijan, were among the professors who frequently visited Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Baku, Moscow, Istanbul, Antalya, and Georgia, and Ms. Saberi participated in completing their skills.

His domestic conferences have been held many times in Tehran and other cities, and his overseas speeches in Turkey, Baku and Malaysia are among his records.

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