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Bring your business to the clouds with the help of technology and gain more customers for yourself! It does not matter if you are a small company or a small store or a large collection. Nowadays, everyone is connected to the Internet and having a suitable online solution is a prerequisite for a successful and modern business. Contact me to talk more!

About Me

I am Morteza Hatami, a programmer and information technology specialist, a graduate of computer science and e-commerce, and I have been working in the field of programming, web design and network consulting since 2009.

I created the Aram Web site with the aim of reviewing and publishing programming, educational, scientific, and technology content, as well as topics that I am interested in and that are interesting to me. Be comfortable on the site and visit different parts.

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    Corporate website design

    In today’s world, one of the requirements of any company is to have a website with good SEO, most people are familiar with the Internet and search, and naturally when they find you professionally on the Internet, your value and credibility will increase.

    Online store design

    Whatever store you have and whatever product you produce, you can deliver your products directly and directly to your customers anywhere in Iran with a good program and suitable tools.

    Personal website design

    Having a website gives your personal brand more value and credibility, and if you want to register your name and brand well in the minds of your audience, you must have a professional website that fits your needs.

    Mobile app design

    These days, mobile applications can be efficient and useful in any field, because almost most people in the community have its tools and can communicate with various applications.

    software development

    Contact us for advice on the design and development of engineering software, database and information converter and useful software.

    SEO optimization

    If you are a business owner in the digital world, you need SEO to be seen. But first of all, you need advice. Contact us.

    Corporate websiteMost Popular500$

    • 1 Gig High Speed and Professional
    • 100 GB monthly bandwidth
    • Com domain. Free
    • Custom and professional appearance
    • Online chat and chat with users
    • Image and media gallery
    • Free one year support

    Personal websiteMost Popular400$

    • 500mg fast and professional hosting
    • 10 GB monthly bandwidth
    • Com domain And Free
    • Custom and professional appearance
    • Online chat and chat with users
    • Image and media gallery
    • Free one year support


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